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Zew For Men

Zew For Men Beard beard soap 85ml

Zew For Men Beard beard soap 85ml

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  • Natural ingredients such as charcoal clean your beard, while cocoa and shea butter keep it moisturized.
  • Powerful product formula and plant oils leave the beard conditioned and the skin underneath hydrated after every wash.
  • Use daily as a first step in your grooming routine.
  • Just as your hair needs regular care, so does your beard. Zew For Men Beard Soap removes all dirt gently yet thoroughly.


    • gently washes the face and beard
    • moisturises and does not dry out skin
    • soothes irritated skin

    How to use:
    Massage into a wet beard, lather and leave to act for several minutes. Then rinse out of the beard thoroughly.

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