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Sapiens Transparent Shaving Gel 100ml - Fresh X Woody

Sapiens Transparent Shaving Gel 100ml - Fresh X Woody

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The transparent shaving gel offers perfect visibility during shaving, ideal for beard contouring. Protective and lubricating, it ensures optimal glide and a smooth shaving experience. Formulated with 97% natural ingredients and enriched with aloe vera.


  • Transparent.
  • Optimal glide.
  • Protective layer.
  • Reduces irritations.
  • 1. Transparent: Provides better visibility during shaving. Ideal for beard contouring, it is specially formulated not to produce foam upon application, giving you total control. 
  • 2. Protective and lubricating gel: Formulated with aloe vera to create a protective layer between your razor blade and skin. Its lubricating texture provides optimal glide for a smooth shaving experience.
  • 3. 97% natural ingredients: The shaving gel is made from 97% natural ingredients, formulated in our laboratory in Haute-Savoie.
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