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Sapiens Cherry Wood X Boar Silk Beard Brush

Sapiens Cherry Wood X Boar Silk Beard Brush

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Easily detangle your beard with the boar bristles of our beard brush. Tame unruly hairs and evenly distribute your favorite beard oil from roots to tips. The result: a softer beard and exfoliated skin.


  • Untangles the hair.
  • Softens the beard.
  • Boosts growth.
  • Exfoliates the skin under the beard.
  • 1. Easily detangles beard hair. The brush helps smooth your beard and put your hairs back in line. Used regularly, it helps tame unruly hairs for an impeccable beard.
  • 2. A softer beard. Regular use of the brush helps prevent itching and dry skin, resulting in a softer beard. It also exfoliates the skin underneath for healthy hair growth.
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