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Atelier Rebul

Rebul Green Tea Shower Gel 500ml

Rebul Green Tea Shower Gel 500ml

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Rebul Green Tea Shower Gel 500 ml is a bath product enriched with the fresh and invigorating scent of green tea. It provides a refreshing effect while gently cleansing the skin and leaves a pleasant scent on the skin. It makes your daily shower routine enjoyable

  • Refreshing scent: Refreshes the skin with its green tea aroma and provides freshness that lasts all day long.
  • Gentle cleansing: Gently cleanses the skin without drying or irritating it.
  • Moisturizing: Maintains the skin's natural moisture balance and leaves a soft feeling.
  • Creamy foam: Makes the shower experience enjoyable with its rich and creamy foam.
  • Pleasant scent: Leaves a lasting and pleasant scent on the skin after showering.
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