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18.21 Man Made

Octane 500 Hand & Body Lotion

Octane 500 Hand & Body Lotion

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Hand and Body Lotion for Men

Play it smooth. This luxuriously lightweight scented moisturizer hydrates hands and nourishes skin to keep you feeling your utmost. 

The Rundown
-Refuels and protects dry, fatigued skin 
-Hydrates and softens all over 
-Anti-microbial formula helps keep your body fresh 
-Humectants help lock in moisture 
-Soothes and heals dry, cracked skin 
-Featuring 18.21’s legendary tobacco scent

Key Ingredients:
-Hebeatol adds moistures and repairs the skin barrier
-Cetearyl alcohol softens, smoothes and heals dry skin 
-Glycerin hydrates, refreshes skin and locks in moisture

The Ritual 
Pump Octane 500 Hand & Body Lotion onto hands and apply to skin just after showering to lock in moisture. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. 

The Aroma
Sweet Tobacco - Charismatic scent with saffron, dark-toned vanilla, honey and tobacco. 

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