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18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made Octane 200 Face, Body & Scalp Scrub

18.21 Man Made Octane 200 Face, Body & Scalp Scrub

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3-in-1 Face, Body, & Scalp Scrub for Men

Meet the godfather of exfoliators. This 3-in-1 face, body, and scalp scrub gently buffs away dead skin and product buildup to leave you feeling like a new man from head to toe.


Bamboo powder and jojoba esters slough away dirt, dead skin cells, and greasy residue in one fell swoop, while moisturizing glycerin, castor oil, quinoa and macadamia draw in moisture to the skin and scalp.


Nobody likes a flake. This deep-cleansing scrub sheds dead, flaky skin, rough patches, dirt, and oil to prevent clogged skin and acne without drying out your face.


Get rid of rough elbows, ashy arms, calloused feet, and any other dry and flaky patches. Skin is left feeling soft, renewed, and moisturized.


Clogged and suffocated hair follicles can cause breakouts and prevent hair growth. Keep things fresh, not funky, with a gentle scrub that rids your scalp of product buildup, grease, and flakes to create a healthy environment for your hair to grow.


 For face and body: Put a small amount of scrub in your hand and gently rub onto wet skin using small, circular motions. 

For scalp: Lather up with Man Made Wash, add a generous amount of scrub directly to your Man Made Wash lather, and gently rub into the scalp using a circular motion.

Rinse off and enjoy the lingering scent of Sweet Tobacco.

Continue your skincare routine with our age-defying face lotion Octane 100 and our hand and body lotion Octane 500.

Sweet Tobacco - Charismatic scent with saffron, dark-toned vanilla, honey and tobacco. 

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