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18.21 Man Made

Spiced Vanilla Spirits Spritzer

Spiced Vanilla Spirits Spritzer

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Lift your Spirits 

For the fragrance obsessed. Indulge in 18.21’s legendary scents with Spirits Spritzer, an all-over body spray.

A perfect complement to the 18.21 spirits collection.  Long lasting, medium bodied blends of 18.21’s luxurious Sweet Tobacco, Spiced Vanilla, Absolute Mahogany, and Noble Oud scents.

Spiced Vanilla Scent

A cozy scent that takes you fireside with a rich leather-bound edition, fine brandy, and a creamy pipe tobacco.

Notes: Spicy ginger, cocoa, dried fruits, coconut, French vanilla, creamy tonka bean, star anise, sweet wood sap, tobacco leaf, and tobacco blossom.

Travel Friendly

Easy to apply day or night. Great for a quick refresh after the gym or a flight.

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