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Beard Octane

Beard Octane Neutral Lather Conditioning Wash - Unscented

Beard Octane Neutral Lather Conditioning Wash - Unscented

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The days of making your beard feel like a bunch of porcupine quills after a shower are finally over.  For too long, men have used shampoos in order to clean their facial fur, leaving their beards dry.  This is because shampoos can commonly contain detergents which are great for cleaning your hair, but can remove natural oils needed to keep your beard soft.  To combat this, bearded maniacs across the world began washing their beards with conditioners, or what is now commonly referred to as "Co-Wash" or "Co-Washing".  Well, at Beard Octane, we do what we always do and took the art of beard washing to the next level. 

SCENT NOTES:  None.  This one is boring.

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