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Zew For Men

Zew For Men Moisturising Face Cream 30 ml

Zew For Men Moisturising Face Cream 30 ml

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  • Multi-solution moisturising face cream visibly improves condition and elasticity of the skin
  • Main active ingredient, black chaga, detoxifies exhausted skin, while making it smooth and preventing skin irritations.
  • The moisturising face cream contains nut oils and berry wax that lubricate the skin and prevent the epidermis from dehydrating, even in extreme conditions
  • Use for AM and PM routines and as a face mask once a week. Use it as a final step in your skincare routine.
  • Thanks to the rich content of over a dozen organic ingredients, it evens the skin surface and has an anti-aging effect. The light, quickly-absorbing formula does not clog pores and lets the skin breathe. Pleasant masculine, tree- spicy fragrance with notes of bergamot, clove, vanilla and sandalwood.

  •  Application: Apply the cream evenly on the cleansed skin of face and neck. Massage it gently. Use twice a day. The cream may also be used as a face mask – once a week put a thick layer of the cream and leave it to absorb.


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