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Jabarut Parfum

Jabarut Parfum Euphrosiney 100ml

Jabarut Parfum Euphrosiney 100ml

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joy is a drop of mystery, we searched and chase to it.
when we found it,
it spreaded around to make a warm senses and smiles.
It created a charm uncontrollable and unstoppable.
we watched joy dancing with love in the sky, like a magnifiance piece of art.
we caught the whole art of joy in the sky and closed in a gold bottle.


Deep notes of grapefruit with smooth, gentle and light breezes that open with amber and citrus. This fragrance, which is combined with and completed, closes with woody notes. Brilliance combined with simplicity it leaves a sophisticated efect on the scent. It is designed for both men and women in daily use with long-term permanence.

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