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Jabarut Parfum

Jabarut Parfum Eros 100ml

Jabarut Parfum Eros 100ml

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what is the deepest part of soul?
If we take all this away, what is left?
Lust is ancient song for lovers.
We decided to make an instrument to play this song.
we used divine bow and arrows.
we played that song in thre long days and nights and suddenly a tree growed up, we knew that was tree of desire.
We harvested the tree for the fruit of lust.
we used of this fruit born with the soul of the lust and made a fragrance
bottleded lust created for the who want to get lost in the seas of desire.

Consisting of exotic notes and dry spice blends, this fragrance is suitable for both women and men in long-term use.

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