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Jabarut Parfum

Jabarut Parfum Athena 100ml

Jabarut Parfum Athena 100ml

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some of us created by with great strategy and tactics.
And this gift bring us to a dream.
We dreamed a fragrance
for the sharp-eyes and who knows what to want from life.
we studied about the strategy of ancients, many more tactics about the charmful beauties and magnifianced warriors.
A drop for who has passion to command love and desire. A drop for who has making strategies for take the joy. More and more soul of sharpness to conqueor the love.
we incarcerated the all of them inside the bottle of athena.
As dangerous, powerful and tempting as success itself.

Fresh spices and woody notes come together to form this elegant, classic and rich fragrance. The enchanting note of amber reveals this closure, softening in the middle notes with tobacco, spices, and earthy scents. It is designed to be suitable for both men and women in daily use with long lasting durability.

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