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Beard Octane

Fabricator Beard Butta - Oak, Sandalwood & Vanilla

Fabricator Beard Butta - Oak, Sandalwood & Vanilla

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Get that beard looking & feeling on point, with our conditioning natural Beard Butta (aka Beard Butter)!

Beard Octane's Fabricator Beard Butta is built for someone that knows how to take a complex idea, and build it from scratch using nothing but his hands and his know-how.  Our blend of Oak, Sandalwood and Vanilla is crafted with the same good, old-fashioned, grit and know how.

SCENT NOTES:  Hints of Oak, Vanilla, Sandalwood & Craftsmanship

Fabricator not for your toolbox? Explore the other unique scents that Beard Octane has to offer! 

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