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18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made Spirits Spritzer Body Spray

18.21 Man Made Spirits Spritzer Body Spray

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Lift your Spirits 

For the fragrance obsessed. Indulge in 18.21’s legendary scents with Spirits Spritzer, an all-over body spray.

A perfect complement to the 18.21 spirits collection.  Long lasting, medium bodied blends of 18.21’s luxurious Sweet Tobacco, Spiced Vanilla, Absolute Mahogany, and Noble Oud scents.

Sweet Tobacco Scent

A charismatic scent that evokes a boozy night out at the local speakeasy.

Notes: California lemon, clove buds, clary sage, saffron, dried fruits, tonka bean, golden amber, manuka honey, dark-toned vanilla, cedarwood, patchouli, decadent leather, musk, and tobacco leaves.

Spiced Vanilla Scent

A cozy scent that takes you fireside with a rich leatherbound edition, fine brandy, and a creamy pipe tobacco.

Notes: Spicy ginger, cocoa, dried fruits, coconut, French vanilla, creamy tonka bean, star anise, sweet wood sap, tobacco leaf, and tobacco blossom.

Absolute Mahogany

A fresh scent that summons memories of an oceanside shindig. 

Notes: Italian mandarin and bergamot, velvety cardamom, warm cassia bark, clary sage, night-blooming jasmine, dark Virginia cedar, rustic mahogany woods, tonka bean, creamy Tahitian vanilla bean, golden amber. 

Noble Oud

A kingly scent that will transport you to distant lands. 

Notes: Calabrian bergamot, ripe grapefruit, golden spun amber, lemon rind, clove leaf, smoked oud, rosewood, vanilla flower, and musk. 

Travel Friendly

Easy to apply day or night. Great for a quick refresh after the gym or a flight.


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