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18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made Sweet Air Freshener

18.21 Man Made Sweet Air Freshener

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You asked, we listened. Introducing the new Air Freshener in our four signature scents.

The space you inhabit ought to smell as good as you do. Now you have the option to hang your signature aroma anywhere you want, from your car to your closet.

Modeled after our iconic 18.21 Man Made Wash bottle, this car and air freshener releases our legendary barrel house fragrances with an admirable scent throw to complement the masculine smell of your favorite 18.21 Man Made products.

Switch it up with the seasons or stick to your signature scent:  

Sweet Tobacco: Revel in a charismatic scent that evokes a boozy night out at the local speakeasy. Saffron and dried fruits mellow to notes of dark-toned vanilla, manuka honey and tobacco leaf.

Spiced Vanilla: Wrap yourself in a cozy, elegant scent that takes you fireside with creamy pipe tobacco and a fine brandy. A hint of ginger and coconut opens to warm vanilla, sweet wood sap, and smoked tobacco.

Absolute Mahogany: Enjoy a fresh scent that summons memories of an ocean-side shindig. Crisp mandarin leads to velvety cardamom, rounded out with a base of rustic cedar, mahogany and amber.

Noble Oud: Savor a kingly scent that will transport you to distant lands. A tangy whiff of bergamot and amber gives way to rosewood and smoked oud, with lingering impressions of musk.

How to Use: Hang from your rear-view mirror or in any place that could use some aromatic appeal.

Like all things in life, this freshener will eventually fade. The longevity of the scent lasts in direct proportion to how much air exposure it gets. When first removed from its packaging, it will release a stronger aroma. Over the course of a few weeks, that scent will get fainter.

Ingredients:  Pulp paper made of cellulose blended with scented oils.

Warning: Because oils can stain, do not set against wood, furniture, or fabric. 

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